Are you a WordPress Professional? Do you want to become one?

A lot of people work with WordPress in their day to day jobs, I mean, this is the age of the internet and entrepreneurs need websites to get leads from clients and sell their products. Some businesses are completely online without a brick and mortar store and they need their online presence to make an impact in their field.

I consider a WordPress professional anyone that works with WordPress in their daily routine, whether its content management, site maintenance of creating themes or plugins you get to proudly wear that title.

I’ve separated the most common types of job roles for WordPress freelancers like this:

  • WordPress Virtual assistants
  • WordPress Tech Support
  • WordPress Designers / Web Designers
  • WordPress Developers (Theme developers/ plugin-block developers)
  • WordPress Coaches/Educators

While it’s true that each one of these freelancers have different level of skills regarding WordPress.

Should you call yourself a WordPress professional? I find it’s an accurate description of what I do. I struggled for the longest time with what to call myself. I build WordPress sites based on designs by a colleague, customizing those sites with the tools that are necessary, but I don’t do designs myself, so I don’t feel right calling myself a Web Designer. Besides did you know a Web Designer needs to know more than one platform? But I digress.

I do a lot of customizations using CSS and adding JavaScript when necessary and even customizing some page templates and plugins, but I don’t believe that makes me a WordPress Developer, so I don’t use that title either.

Titles are important, they give or take power depending on people’s beliefs. Besides, you need to tell your family what it is you do and summarize it in the least boring words you can use!
An example of a title that has a negative connotation is “WordPress Implementer”. I’ve heard it used in Reddit threads where developers say someone who builds websites with page builders should call themselves that because they have no programming skills, that they can’t use the term “WordPress Developer”.

I think the most important part, whether you call yourself a WordPress professional or not, is that you are embracing WordPress as a tool to make money with.

WordPress professionals come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and if you want to start a career in WordPress you need to know what skills you will need to teach yourself.

That is why I wrote my book “The WordPress Professional: A Roadmap for the Successful WordPress Freelancer”. It describes all the job roles I mention earlier in this article and tells you what skills you need to master to offer those services.

You can purchase the book here –