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The Divi blog module is a handy module that helps display different types of information on your site.  You can choose not only posts but pages, media and projects to be listed.

The video below is from my course “WordPress and the Divi Theme: create your first site”. It’s a course for
beginners on how to create a small site/blog with three pages based on a design in Figma all built with the Divi page builder. You can do the course as Self Study Only (Udemy) or Self Study + 2 coaching sessions.

Adding the module

With the Divi visual builder enabled,  create a new module in your page and choose “blog” or type blog in the search box.

Create a blog module

Setting the module up

Once you have chosen what type of data you want to display (posts in this example) you can choose what meta information will be displayed.

Choose type of content

Meta information is information about the post like the author, the quantity of comments, the category among others. You can switch these on and off depending on what you like or the design shows.

Play around with these options to see what the final display looks like.

Choose the meta information

Customizing the styles

Like most Divi modules you get a wide array of options to customize within the module settings.  Using the design tab you will find areas for the text, title text and meta text. In those areas you can change font properties like family, color, size, alignment and capitalization.

Customize the Title
More options for the Title

When you choose a font you will see all the google fonts available but you also have an option to upload your own font.

Choose the font

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