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In this quick tip I will show you the two places that you can get help inside of the WordPress dashboard.

Two places to get help from within WordPress

The WordPress icon in top left corner

Located at the top left corner of the screen in the WordPress dashboard you can see the WordPress logo. If you hover over it, it will light up in blue and show a menu of options.

  1. WordPress.org: goes to the main site for WordPress
  2. Documentation: goes to the documentation located in wordpress.org
  3. Support: goes to the support page on the wordpress.org site
  4. Feedback: Takes you to the Request and Feedback Forum
WordPress links for help

The Help Tab in the top right corner

On the top right side of the WordPress dashboard you will see a tab with the name of “Help” next to another one called “Screen Options”. When you click on “Help” you will a panel with a right sidebar. On the left it will show different links that explain what is happening on the page you are currently on. On the right it shows the topics of this page with links to the WordPress.org site.

If you move along the different areas of your dashboard, like the Media Library or the Permalinks in the Settings, the help tab will contain information on those topics.

The Help Tab

The Help Tab

The Help Tab on the Permalink settings page

Help on posts/pages

On the posts/pages you will not see the help tab, instead you can click on the three dots at the top right side of the screen and it will open a menu. Almost at the end is a link for help which takes you to information about the block editor. 

Click the three dots to view the menu

Click the three dots to view the menu

I made an article showing the basic information on the block editor if you are interested click here.


Tour of the WordPress Block Editor

Thank you for reading.

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