WordPress quick tips: How to clean up your WordPress dashboard

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When you log into your WordPress dashboard, do you feel overwhelmed with all the information shown there? There are a few ways to manage all that clutter!

Minimize the Boxes

First of all, login to your WordPress dashboard.

Normal, cluttered, dashboard

A simple way to tidy things up is to simply click the triangle on the top right of each box to minimize the contents. It’s as easy as that. Then your dashboard will be a lot quieter than it used to be.

Minimize the boxes

Use screen options to disable boxes

The other option we have is to clear the boxes altogether. This is done using the “Screen Options” tab at the top right of the dashboard. In there you can uncheck the boxes you don’t want to show.

I usually keep the Welcome box so I have shortcuts to the most used activities like creating a post or page.

Screen options

Customizing the dashboard

If you are setting up a site for a client or if you want a more custom experience when you log into your dashboard you could use a plugin to customize the area. Some plugins let you use a page builder like Elementor to setup this page.

Custom Dashboard Widgets – https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-dashboard-widgets/

Ultimate Dashboard – Custom WordPress Dashboard – https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-dashboard/

Branded dashboard (paid, works with Elementor) – https://powerpackelements.com/dashboard-welcome-elementor/
Tutorial for Branded dashboard – https://elementor.com/blog/custom-dashboard/

Thank you for reading.

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