WordPress Quick Tip: Setting your basic site identity in WordPress

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So you have a fresh install of WordPress in your computer or your web hosting’s server. What’s the first thing you do? Probably look for a theme, and then? You need to setup your basic site identity. You know, add your brand, your colors, your tagline. Make the site yours.

The WordPress customizer makes this very easy, you simply go to the customizer and click on site identity and change your details there. However, depending on what theme you have on the site identity button might be higher or lower on the options to customize and you might have some extra tools to change things up as well. In the video I show you how the free Kadence theme has different options for the site identity.

Open the customizer

First of all, you can get to the customizer from the dashboard in two different ways. Through the menu under Appearance or through a blue button in the Welcome area of the dashboard.

Get to the customizer

Once the customizer is open click on Site Identity. Remember it might be lower down the options if you are using a different theme.

Site identity

Changing site title and tagline

Now you have the different things you can change with the customizer. In order to change the site title and the tagline all you need is to replace what is in the box currently and then click on the blue Publish button to save your changes.

Upload form

Adding the logo and favicon

To add the logo you need to either upload the file from your computer or choose one from the WordPress media library.

Upload or choose image

After selecting the image you will be prompted to crop it if necessary.

Create home page

With the Favicon the process is the same but you do get a preview of what that icon will look like in your browser tab.

Favicon preview

Site Identity all ready

Once you’ve tweaked everything to look like you want it to, click the blue Publish button so that your changes are saved.

Site identity details


That’s it, you have finished customizing your site identity. It might seem like a silly step, but it is very powerful as you can start viewing what your site will look like with your own branding.

Thank you for reading.

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