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In this Quick Tip I want to share with you how to easily clone a page you have already built in WordPress with the Duplicate page plugin. This is particularly useful when you are creating pages with a page builder and need to copy the entire page to make a new one.


Installing the plugin

The Duplicate page plugin is free from the WordPress repository and you can install it easily. Just go to Plugins > Add New, then search for ‘duplicate page’ to find the plugin. Once it’s installed you will have to click the blue “Activate” button to make it work.

Installing the Duplicate Page plugin

Plugin settings

The Duplicate page plugin has a few settings that you can change by going to “Settings > Duplicate page” in your WordPress left side menu.
You can do several things:

  • Choose Editor: choose whether you are using classic editor or Gutenberg.
  • Duplicate Post Status: the status your duplicated item will have the default is “Draft”. Other options are “Publish”, “Private” and “Pending.
  • Redirect to after click on Duplicate this Link: you can go back to the post/page list or go directly into editing for the new post/page.
  • Duplicate Post Suffix: a word you can add after the title of the post so you know it’s a copy.
Plugin Settings for Duplicate Page plugin

Duplicating a post or page

In order to use the plugin just go to the posts/pages list and hover over the title of an item. Below the title will show a few links with actions you can take regarding the item. Choose “Duplicate This” to make a copy of the post/page.

How to duplicate a post/page

After this you will be able to see the same title of the post you were duplicating and next to it will be the word “Draft” unless you changed the settings to publish it immediately but I don’t recommend that because you want to give the post/page a new name and slug.

Result after duplicating the post/page

That’s it! It’s really easy and a very useful plugin. I love it!


Duplicate page

Thank you for reading.

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