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This quick tip helps you understand what featured images are in WordPress and why you should use them.

What are featured images?

Featured images are the images that visually represent the posts you have in your blog.  Pages and custom post types can also have featured images but in order to show them you’d have to program it into a template of your theme. For the posts they are already programmed because one of the basic functions of WordPress is as a blog platform, so all themes have different ways to show your blog posts and use the featured image to make them visually attractive.

I have two samples of what a blog page can look like depending on the theme. The first one is a child theme called Jasmine by Divi Space and the second a blog module created with the Divi Theme and Page builder. Notice that on the first example the featured images are rather large, while in the second example they are smaller because the blog is in grid format.

Featured images are on the large side in this example
Featured images are small in this sample

With Page Builders like Divi you can also use the featured image in a template for the unique post built with the Theme Builder.

Medium size featured image used in blog post template (Divi Theme)

Adding a featured image to a post

First let’s create a new post by going to Posts, add new. From there you will be taken to a page where you can add the title of your post and in the sidebar you can clearly see the Featured Image option. Click on the box that says “Set featured image” and proceed to upload your image. I suggest optimizing your image first and try to make it around 1000 pixels or less. JPEG is generally a good format for these types of images. (Here is an article on how to optimize images before uploading them to your WordPress site – Optimizing your images for WordPress).

The featured image is set in the sidebar.

Now that you have added your featured image you can refresh the blog posts page and see your new post with its image. If you didn’t add a featured image there would be nothing on top of the post.

New post with Featured image

Adding the featured image for a page or a custom post type is done in exactly the same way.


Divi Theme by Elegant Themes – https://www.elegantthemes.com/join/

Jasmine child theme by Divi Space – https://divi.space/product/jasmine-theme/

Optimizing your images for WordPress – https://www.solybarr.com/kb/optimizing-images-for-wordpress/

Thank you for reading.

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