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Quick Edit is an option you see when hovering over a post, page or any type of custom post type as well when you are seeing a list of them. It allows you to change a few basic things from your post without having to open the full editor.

Watch the video and if you have the time read ahead for a few more details.

Go to the posts or pages area

In your dashboard go to “Posts, All Posts” to show the posts page in the backend. Once you can see all your posts, hover over the title of one of them, that will bring up a small menu underneath the title. Click on “Quick Edit” to see what you can edit.

Quick Edit in posts

Make your changes

Quick Edit will open up a form at the same place where your post was listed. In the screenshot below you can see the other posts are listed underneath the form.

This is what I like about Quick Edit, many times you just want to change the title or maybe the status of a post and you can do it quickly without having to open the entire post in a new page for editing.

Make changes to post or page

Click the Update button to save

Once you finish making your changes make sure to click on the blue “Update” button at the right side of the screen to save your changes.

Another tip: Bulk Edit your posts!

Before you go I just wanted to squeeze in another little tidbit! How to bulk edit your posts. This is amazingly helpful if you have to make a change to several posts/pages all at once, like maybe changing the author or the category. Just click on the posts you wish to edit, then from the “Bulk Actions” dropdown select “Edit”, then click “Apply”.

Choosing posts to bulk edit

In the screenshot below you can see what changes you can make to multiple posts. Remember to click “Update” once you have finished making changes.

Changing information in Bulk Edit

Thank you for reading.

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