Course – WordPress and the Divi Theme

What if you didn’t have to watch hundreds of videos on YouTube in order to build your first WordPress site?

With the lessons in the “WordPress and the Divi Theme: create your first website” course there’s no need to waste your time. You’ll learn how to build a site with WordPress and Divi in less than 4 hours.

Right now you are struggling to learn everything you can about WordPress and website building by researching videos and articles in the Internet. Your time is valuable, there’s no time to spend figuring out how to choose what theme or page builder to use. Which one is the most popular? Which one Google likes best? That research could take days or even weeks (believe me, I’ve been there).

Imagine if after just a few lessons you could have your About page all ready by just following along the lesson plan inside “WordPress and the Divi Theme: create your first website”.


Computer with Internet Connection, valid Divi Theme Subscription, Domain & Hosting (Optional), Being Curious and eager to learn

No, everything will be explained to you during the lessons.

No, this is optional. You can work on the site in your computer without having to publish it online.


where you could be after following the lessons in the course. Your website is ready to launch and you are overflowing with pride after having built it yourself. The lessons help you navigate WordPress and Divi easily and the assignments help you recall more easily what you have learned.